Big data is an emerging buzzword in the IT Sphere, but what does it really mean and what is its practical significance to potential customers such as yourself? Simply put, big data is equivalent to capital and the lifeblood of futuristic business organizations; big data describes extraordinarily large volumes of data – whether structured or unstructured – that cannot be processed by manpower and / or traditional processing software alone. Thus it is not only the creation but also the processing and analysis of the data, which can often generate vital statistical insights for business and tech executives alike. 

We specialize in using Big Data to solve big problems.

CloudIngest specializes in the capture, storage, querying, processing, transfer, visualization, and analysis of a wide variety of big data applications. We work with clients to systematically extract important insights and graphs from large and complex data sets, leading to cost reductions, time reductions, and novel product development pathways for your company. Such insights may include predictive analytics, user behavior analytics, and smart-decision suggestions. Finding value in big data isn’t only about analysis. The CloudIngest team will collaborate with you, the customer, through an entire discovery process that involves asking the right questions. We are experienced interfacing not only with client-side Engineers and data specialists, but also business users, executives, and project managers as well. In the end, you will be presented with a highly organized data capture and storage process as well as effective systems for generating key analytics from that data set. 

Big Data Development Services

Helping clients understand the capital value of big data as well as the core concepts of volume, variety, and velocity.

Custom big data software development based on client-side business needs.

Data storage architecture, efficient structuring.

ETL & hadoop design and development.

Security solutions, information privacy, encryption, and mobility.

Querying, analytics, and the generation of business insights.

Helping you leverage your custom-built big data solution to generate key decision-making insights to enhance your company’s bottom line. 

We offer free discussions and consultations on which type of big data application would be appropriate for your organization’s business and technical needs. We will guide your business users through a smooth implementation and delivery process. With our experience of computing solutions, the whole journey for your business will be consistent, and we guarantee that your cloud solutions have the adaptability to develop and advance as your business does. Contact us now and stay ahead of your competition!

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