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Business Intelligence (or BI) is an important component of transforming your company towards the digital future that awaits all of humanity. Simply put, BI comprises the set of all strategies and technologies implemented by companies for smart enterprise-level decision-making as well as prioritization and goal-setting. In all cases, BI is best deployed through the combination of market data (external) and company financial and operations data (internal) to provide a complete picture that represents an “intelligence” that cannot be surmised from any individual data set. Self-service insights generated may also be applied to the differentialization of market segments, fraud identification, and gauging the efficacy of company sales & marketing funnels. 

Business Intelligence at CloudIngest

At CloudIngest, we understand that digital transformation is not only an updating of a company’s technology stack and data-handling applications but also an evolution in the organization’s culture and best practices in order to accompany and support contemporary BI trends. As such, we work closely with clients to enhance your internal capacity to respond to real-time changes in the company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and generate useful insights from your big data operations. Without BI, you may be stuck using traditional methods to attempt to survive in a rapidly transforming world or worse, inundated with large volumes and varieties of data that your company is structurally unequipped to handle. 


CloudIngest’s BI Solutions empower business users to generate reports without needing to involve the company’s IT resources. Although business needs are typically analytically fragmented, our powerful BI interface can help end users uncover hidden problems.


CloudIngest provides a variety of BI technologies to offer past, present, and future views of the company’s operations. We assist in the development of a digital business strategy aligned to meet the business desired goals leveraging marketing abilities, and market favorable circumstances to deliver competitive advantages. We have experience helping customers with making effective business plans that are empirically rooted in digital BI. 


Business Intelligence can also be extracted from e-mails, user groups, chats, web-pages, as well as image and video files. According to Merrill Lynch, more than 85% of all business information may exist in these forms. Since user content data is largely unstructured by default, CloudIngest’s innovative BI solution can help drastically reduce the time required by end users to extract key metadata.  

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We offer free discussions and consultations on which type of business intelligence application would be appropriate for your organization’s business and technical needs. We will guide your business users through the smooth implementation and delivery process. With our experience of computing solutions, the whole journey for your business will be consistent, and we guarantee that your cloud solutions have the adaptability to develop and advance as your business does.

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