Transform your business with CloudIngest. Build, innovate, and deliver novel data sets with our industry-leading cloud service platform. Cloud services refer to any IT services that are provisioned and accessed from a cloud computing provider, allowing for the on-demand storage and processing of big data sets without direct active management by non-technical and technical users alike. Unlike traditional computing architecture, cloud computing makes processing power and storage hardware available over the internet.

Public, private, and hybrid clouds with CloudIngest

Thanks to the large quantities of available space and “pay as you go” payment structure, public cloud companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure (MA) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) give customers high upside, easy scalability and the ability to provision more capacity on demand. The downside of relying on public providers is that if the provider were to make significant changes to their business or technical changes to the platform, clients could be forced to make significant infrastructural adaptations on short notice to keep their web services and databases online. 

On the other hand, private clouds usually reside behind a firewall and run on company-owned or company-built servers for the specific purpose of being used by a single organization. Like public clouds, private clouds can be accessed by authorized users from anywhere – but no one else. Thus, private clouds offer increased security and control at the cost of increased setup and maintenance expenses. CloudIngest also develops regulations-compliant government-class private and hybrid clouds with world-class protection from all levels of federal, state, and location government agencies. Additionally, private also lacks the versatility of public clouds because it’s more difficult to add additional computation and storage capacity, making it difficult to scale operations quickly should the business need it. 

CloudIngest’s development staff has extensive experience with public, private, as well as hybrid and government deployment structures, which combines the benefits of public and private while mitigating the downsides. 

We offer free discussions and consultations on which type of cloud service application would be appropriate for your organization’s business and technical needs. We will guide your business users through the smooth implementation and delivery process. With our experience of computing solutions, the whole journey for your business will be consistent, and we guarantee that your cloud solutions have the adaptability to develop and advance as your business does. Contact us now and stay ahead of your competition!

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