The IOT concept is an effort to take everything in the tangible world and put it online. It possesses the potential to be the most disruptive technology trend, and has already begun to impact a segment of the tech-aware population. The future of IoT exists in the ability to blend machine-generated data with data created by humans that will allow more meaningful comprehension, insight, and real-time decision-making. The greater the extent of this capability will simply mean more influence on us in a variety of ways. We share our expertise with you so that you can take full advantage of IOT technologies. Below you will find a breakup of the processes we have carved out.

Internet of Things

We have a mechanism in place for requirement gathering and brainstorming, which enables us to pursue business process formulation. We begin by defining challenges and how we intend to go about solving them. We then present a recommended solution’s blueprint that is backed up by our business-ready use case library.


CRM and other web content

ERP system integration

SMS and email gateway integration

Map and billing engine integration

Integrating multiple IoT assets with various functionalities and stages in a product’s lifecycle

Internet of Things


We use an open platform architecture, which is a secure multi-tenant architecture meant for supporting IoT resources cost efficiently. We have big data support with a mashup builder matched with business intelligence input. Other features of our platform usage include:

  • Secure, reliable, scalable and OTA firmware updates
  • Device vendor agnostic and device virtualization

We provide full-testing to ensure accuracy, including device lab and field testing (manual/automated), platform testing, mobile app testing, and testing for application automation.

Our approach ensures connectivity. We employ the best-known methods and hardware, including:

Hardware product design (PCB, Firmware) that ensures delivering complete solutions

Device IoT framework and enablement

Support for PCB fabrication and design flow implementation

Customized design for form-factor (per requirement)

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