Cloud mobility for hybrid cloud service implementations

An effective cloud mobility solution should enable the creation of policies to automatically move authorized data to a choice of private or public clouds. Customers consider more than one cloud deployment provider not only to reduce risk, but also to harvest the best aspects of each cloud platform. Without standards and tools, however, moving workloads from one cloud provider to another is complex and expensive. Users who choose hybrid cloud solutions will also require strong mobile capabilities that allow for secure collaboration, encryption, backups, and secure file-sharing. Ultimately, the cloud mobility solution implemented by CloudIngest will depend on the customer’s choice of cloud delivery model – or models – based on the customer’s flexibility, security, scalability, and compliance needs. 

Mobility is about placing business in motion, with anyone, any place, any time. Today’s mobile pioneers do more to integrate mobile capabilities into the fabric of their business. Our winning service assistance is intended to help customers reconsider their collaboration with prospective and current clients, as well as making the mobile environment as secure and flexible as possible. 

The world is moving consistently towards new advanced digital media and interactive experiences. With quick advancements, changing customers’ inclinations and oftentimes competing channels, the number of organizations struggle with how to enhance operations internally to meet the challenges of the new digital media, connected to the computerized world. CloudIngest is here to assist you.


With the rapidly increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile application development is becoming an increasingly popular medium of software creation. Global mobile app revenue is projected to generated $582 billion dollars in this year alone. To capitalize on this opportunity, CloudIngest recommends all clients consider building mobile applications to support their full-suite of technical services, since users spend over 90% of their mobile time within apps. We offer end-to-end mobile development to build native front-end apps for iOS and Android that can also run on a backend cloud architecture.

We assist in creating engaging and reliable digital experiences over each touchpoint and provide opportunities for development.

Digital Strategy and Innovation

CloudIngest offers assistance in developing a digital business strategy aligned to meet the business desired goals leveraging marketing abilities, and market favorable circumstances to deliver competitive advantages. We have experience in helping customers with making effective business models.

Digital Content Strategy

Our content methodology concentrates on accumulation, storage, and conveyance to digitalize, acquire, optimize and re-use digital resources and deliver a consistent experience over channels.

Data Science Services

Operating Digital Model

These services assist you in keeping up with digital resources and encourage a situation for advanced development in the organization through individuals, procedures, and better governance.

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