Beef up your existing staff with CloudIngest’s world-class IT resources. 

Finding specialized cloud-IT, big data, and BI specialists, particularly for smaller companies that only require their contribution on a project basis, may be difficult especially upon short-notice. CloudIngest is here to provide temporary and flexible staff augmentation solutions that will help your team drive existing projects to completion at a fraction of the cost and administrative hassle of adding permanent employees to your team. We will present you with several staff augmentation options that vary in the ratio of Managers, Engineers, and QA specialists your team needs. 

Team Augmentation may be right for you if: 

You employ an existing team of engineers and need to augment with 2-8 additional tech professionals. 

You are having difficulty finding adequate talent on your local market, or you do not want to permanently employ new staff for a short-term project. 

You are looking for an engineer with specialized skills. 

You wish to be well-acquainted with your remote programmers rather than outsource your project to a hands-off, distant and far away group with unfamiliar internal processes. 

Although our team is based in Milton, GA, we are experienced and capable of working through time zone differences up to 6 hours ahead or behind. As with our regular outsourced development process, our Project Managers will start by assessing your individual needs. The scope of the project will be defined along with the proper allocation of resources from our side. Furthermore, the appropriate communication lanes will be implemented to ensure that engineers from our side who may not be initially familiar with your development protocols can remain efficient. We are familiar with Trello, Jira, Slack, Asana and other tools that power Agile as well as Kanban workflows. 

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